Research and Teaching


Research and Teaching:

Instructor Maza Institute 1959

Research Assistant, Mathematics, 1959-1962, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo,

San Luis, Argentina

Head Teaching Assistant, 1962-1963, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Professor, 1963-1965, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Associate Researcher (with professor Margerstern) Econometric Research

Program, 1965-1967, Princeton University

Professor, 1965-1970, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Visiting Professor Departament of Economies Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

1967 - 1980

Associate Professor, 1969-1970, University of New Mexico

Associate Researcher University of British, 1969, Columbia,

Associate Professor, 1970-1974, University of Toronto

Research Associate (with Professor Morgenstern), June 1972, NewYork


Research Associate, (with Professor R. Bellman), May - September 1973,

University of Southern California

Economic Statistics Consultant, January - May 1974, Statistical Canada


Professor, 1974 to present, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, San Luis,


Visiting Professor, Management Science Department Univertsidad nacional de

San Luis , Villa Mercedes Argentina 1976 - 1985

Professor (MC5), 1976 - 1978, Universidad de Campinas, Brazil

Head Researcher (Investigador Principal), 1979 - June 2003, National Council

of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET)

Founder and First Director, Instituto de Matemática Aplicada, San Luis, 1982-

present, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, CONICET

Professor, 1985-1986, Northern Illinois University

Visiting Professor, February 1989, Universidad de Barcelona

Visiting Professor, 1990, Universidad de Barcelona

Visiting Professor, Departamento de Matemática Aplicada de la Facultad de

Ingeniería, Universidad de Pisa, 1992.

Visiting Scholar Department of Air Spaces and Engineering University of

Texas, Austin. 1993.

Invitation from the Columbia University as a visiting Professor to direct a

graduate and postdoctoral seminar in transportation, 1998

Visitor Department of Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, Austin

Texas. May 2000

Promoted to Superior Researcher (The International Prestigious Recognition) in

the Researcher Career CONICET, June 2003-2008

Invited Professor Agricultural Science Department Universidad Nacional de

Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina 2004

Emeritus Professor Universidad Nacional de San Luis 2006-

Member of the Committee for the highest degree in hard science Conicet, 2002

Member of the Editorial Board of Journal Advanced in Mathematics and

Applications. 2010-2011.-

Fellow of the Newton Institute of Advanced Mathematics, Cambridge

University, May 13- June 12, 2011