Parlor Games

1. Marta and its variants: This is a parlor game which is similar to the four in a row.
2. Paoli. Similar to chess in a cube.
3. Celeste: Ship battle in n-dimensions.
4. Checkers in High Dimensional Spaces and The Hilbert Cube: Yalil Checkers. Extension of
checkers game in n-dimension and to the Hilbert cube. Extensions to n-dimensions and
infinite dimensions.
4. Claudia: Othello in n-dimensions.
5. Three Dimensional Domino: Pitu Games. Domino in three dimensions.
6. Quique. Simplification of Chess. With Marquette.
7. Micro land, a simplified chess .With Marquette and software.
8. Francisco: Continuous chess.
9. Several versions of chess in four dimension.
10. Different kinds of n-dimension chess.
11. Chess in the Hilbert cube.
12. Hidden Bridge.
13. Constrained chess.
14. Gloria